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On our timetable you will notice a guide for ages. Please note this is only a guide, and some students, for their own benefit and circumstance may need to switch classes, depending on the discretion of the teacher. This is to ensure your child gets the tuition tailored to their needs.


If a class is full, please leave your name on the waiting list. If a waiting list becomes large enough, we will add a new class to the timetable, or may be able to fit you into another class. For more information regarding the dance styles, please click HERE

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Both Studios are located on Westmoreland Road, on the corner of Allan street.

Dance Styles.


Below is a brief description of all lessons taught at Move It. Once you have selected the style for you, check out our timetable to see when the class is on, and just come along to have a look, and maybe even join in! (Subject to class space, please check with us before you call) You can find our timetable HERE.


If you are feeling energetic then this class is for you. It’s a fast paced style of dance with lots of runs spins and leaps. Steps are taught then pieced together to make small routines, that are performed either for shows or for exams, or just for fun. We use all the latest trends in Music with the likes of Gangnam Style proving very popular with our Pre school class (our Mini Movers.)


IMG 6327Pre-school Classes

IMG 5988 2

Pre-school classes are from age 2 up. We understand tired days with our younger members, so our two pre school classes are drop in. You pay £5 a class and don't need to reserve your space, however those that want to do exams (from age 3) and be in our show (all welcome) must regularly attend classes to practise. These are a fun relaxed introduction to dance and we enjoy such dances as Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, Hokey Cokey and Row your Boat. These classes included lots of running and jumping, and are a great foundation for our freestyle classes when they start school. 

CheerleadingIMG 6553

We use Pom Poms in our cheer class (Poms available to lend from Move It.) We choreograph a routine using leaps, stunts and chants. Flexibility is an advantage in Cheer, but not essential. As with all our classes we use a stretch exercise during our warm up which will improve flexibility. We have Competition teams that travel to the UK to compete against thousands of other dancers from around the UK. Open to everyone, but you must be willing to travel to attend these classes. More information in the cheer comp section of our website.

Hip Hop

IMG 6311

This is very popular at Move It, and everyone loves “getting down with it” in this dance style. It's all about sharpness and core strength, which is required for the freezes and holds that are used. It is done as solo work for exams and team work for our shows/competitions. Latest chart music is used and pupils often throw in requests of their own that the teachers are happy to work around. 

Musical TheatreIMG 6419

A very popular class at Move It Studios! If you love dancing and singing then this is the class for you! Using songs from a wide variety of famous musicals to the latest chart music. You will also find the teachers joining in with you! You do not need to be a brilliant singer or dancer to attend these classes, we want students to build confidence and learn dance and vocal techniques to improve their stage work. 

Lyrical JFP4393a web

This is a very slow, elegant style of dance. It may be slow but it is certainly not easy. Lots of core strength, flexibility and stamina is required for this beautiful dance style. Training can be very beneficial for toning and as a cardio workout. Despite it not being the easiest of dance styles, we do have a level for everyone so why not give it a go! 

Team Dance

It is team work based, which differs from all our other styles of dance. We work to make each team member in sync with the music and each other. Our Mini Movers class is for completely new to team dance work pupils. Move it Groovers is for more experienced dancers. All students enter into exams, and competitions.  These fun classes learn dance skills as well as building confidence and team building. We use modern music that interests the students. These classes are for mixed ages. Any age is welcome. You will be assessed and put into the appropriate class. 

Fit and Flexi 

This class is for fun and fitness. Building the core strength and flexibility that a dancer needs. We use weights and lots of equipment to gain this, along with the basics of sit ups and press ups. This is new to the timetable but definitely a must to get that fitness.  

Stunt Cheer 

Stunting is an element of cheerleading where a base group of 1 - 4 people lift and throw a flyer into the air. The flyer then performs various tricks and stretches. It is a high contact, athletic sport that is centred around teamwork. 

Gymnastic Related DanceIMG 5920 5

This is a fun tumbles class. We learn forward rolls, cartwheels, handstands and other related gymnastic moves and put them together into a routine. We work on strength and stamina to be able to perform the gym moves. We have lots of fun learning and working on the tumbles. This is a relaxed class and no experience is necessary. 

Ballet and TapIMG 5967 2

Our Ballet and Tap classes follow the IDTA syllabus. Students can take exams every other year. Children are taught a variety of techniques on the bar and in the centre at every class. They are taught various routines, and can enjoy our free movement section, which is very popular with our younger classes. Whilst we recognise the importance of appreciating classical music and practice to a number of traditional composers some of our routines are often put to ‘modern’ tunes. This does not compromise on technique and a great deal of attention is given to each student to make sure the correct poise, posture and placement is achieved by every child. Classes available from age 2 in our baby ballet and tap classes, up to Intermediate Pointe work.


Modern is new to Move it. The lower levels develop through fun and enjoyment whilst commencing the basic technical elements through to all the requirements that are needed to produce a Modern dancer for today. The Steps and Amalgamations cover the broad spectrum that is Modern Dance from Lyrical, to Jazz, to Musical Theatre, to Street Dance. There is no set music so this keeps the work current and in vogue for the students and gives the teacher freedom to experiment and utilise the ever-changing styles of music. 

Retro FitnessIMG 6296

This is a fun way to get fit! Designed for the more shy adults amongst us, this class will be taught in a darker setting to normal, with only our disco lights in the background! It will be more “retro” music styles than most of our other classes, with the emphasis being on fun whilst having a boogie in our bespoke dance studios. Each week there will be new basic steps taught to put into a mega mix dance off at the end of each session. Giggle away those unwanted lbs at this new Move it class.


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. Although this style of dance is slower to a lot we offer, strength and stamina is a key part to making this style look effortless and beautiful

Acro for Dance

IMG 6780

This Class offers tumble technique and stretching to improve stunts for cheer and basic dance. During dance routines tumbles are used, as are freezes such as heel stretches Needles and toe touches. 

IMG 6294Comercial street

This is a commercial, studio-based version of hip-hop—sometimes called "new style"—and a hip-hop influenced style of jazz dance called "jazz-funk". Classically trained dancers developed these studio styles in order to choreograph from the hip-hop dances that were performed on the street. They dont include any break dancing, floor work or freezes, however commercial street still has the cool vibe that Hip Hop brings. Its far more dance based than our Hip hop classes, so both our classes can be attended to work on all aspects of this dance style that falls under the IDTA “Street” umbrella  

Private Classes

If you would like some one to one classes to master a dance, for an audition, exam or competition then a private class may be just what you need? Maybe you have a group of friends that wish to try out a dance together. Maybe you would like to just hire one of our halls  for your club or party, then simply check our timetable for availability or FREE spaces, and we can get you booked in. Email us for prices and to check availability. (One to one classes can be done at the studio in our private area, and the hall does not need to be free. Just check your teacher is free!)



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