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01 Feb

Plan for the weekend.

Our rehearsal slot is 5.30 - 6.00 on Friday the 3rd Feb. Please arrive at the Theatre BACKSTAGE door for 5.20. Wait for Linzi, Bev or Kate before you go inside! No need for hair, make up or costume to be done for this rehearsal. But please bring your poms. Im sure you could leave them in our dressing room should you wish. After our rehearsal you are free to leave.


Comp day

Meet Bev at the backstage door for 12pm. Kate and Linzi are still teaching so will be down for 12.30. Be is in charge so please behave for her!

They are doing a dress rehearsal so bring costumes with you to change into. We are on 2nd to last, so please bring something to eat and drink while we wait. I presume will have to wait in our dressing room....

Once the Rehearsal is finished, you will be free to leave. This will be about 4.00 Go Home, rest and return with show make up base, and hair (Which we will show you on the rehearsal.) Don't be late back, you should return for 6.30 please. MAKE SURE YOU EAT!

Remember, Cheesy Smiles, and Fly High...


Good luck Girls, You got this...


Move it team